Welcome to Prepare Del Norte! This site was made to create a community of well-informed citizens who are ready to handle any emergency situation that affects our area. Whether it's a natural or man-made disaster, we want you to be prepared! LEARN by taking a class or attending a seminar! PREPARE by participating in one of our programs! VOLUNTEER your time, knowledge or companies resources to make sure everyone; people and animals; stay safe and survive emergency and disaster situations. Start today and visit often to help PREPARE DEL NORTE! 



Del Norte County is a leading California community when it comes to Emergency Preparedness. Throughout the year, many classes and trainings are offered to members of the community such as Community Emergency Response Team, Ham Radio, Disaster Animal Response Team, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and more.
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In Del Norte County, everyone gets involved in Emergency Preparedness. Find out what's happening next! Practice makes perfect! First responders, local agencies and businesses train during mock Multi-Casualty Incidents. A community united! The C.E.R.T, V.O.A.D., D.A.R.T and Neighbors Helping Neighbors teams take every opportunity to educate the community on emergency preparedness.

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